Pierre-Henry Soria

Pierre-Henry Soria

Martin Smith

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13 July, 2015 - 16 May, 2018

Software Engineer

Distilled SCH

DistilledSCH is the combined business of Irish owned Distilled Media Group and Schibsted Group from Oslo, Norway.
I was working for the Irish Property brand (Daft.ie), which is Ireland's largest property website with a unique audience of over 2.5 million users each month.

Working on the brand new mobile web app using PHP 7.1 features & Slim3 framework, Twig2, SASS, Susy, gulp, grunt. I’m also working with the RESTful APIs, security vulnerabilities, Elasticsearch, SparkPost, RabbitMQ and Docker/Vagrant.

Hight-quality code, high test coverage, TDD/BDD and SOLID principles are the main goals.

Working with various Symfony components and Doctrine2

Working as well on the ongoing issues with the company's websites and refactoring legacy code (frontend + backend).

Working on PHP upgrade from 5.3 to 7. Upgraded Memcache to Redis/MemcacheD, local XCache to APCu, Replaced deprecated/removed functions. mysql(i)_ to PDO, Vagrant, …

Work on Agile methods such as sprints, backlogs, daily Scrum standup and use Kanban board with JIRA and TargetProcess when use scrum.

10 December, 2013 - 31 July, 2017

Senior Developer & CEO

HiZup, Ltd

HiZup is a small but powerful IT company based in the UK. Specialists in the development of large Dating Websites/Web apps and Social Networking services for companies/startups and maintaining existing PHP social dating websites.
Specializing in SEO, development of CMS, Online Social/Dating Services next generation and Marketing Strategies of Online Dating Businesses.

10 December, 2013 - 11 July, 2015

Full Stack Developer

HiZup, Ltd

Working for clients on different small and medium projects. To summarize it was: creation of plugins, upgrade PHP website from version from 4 to 5 (OOP included), creation of Web templates, make different modifications and add new features for a few clients' websites, ...
Also did some Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and Dolphin (BoonEx) plugins/templates.

1 February, 2012 - PRESENT

Solo Web Developer for pH7CMS's Software


Since 2012, pH7CMS is available for everyone and became a professional, fiable and stable site builder tool. pH7CMS is free and Open Source Social/Dating Site/App Builder and has rapidly become the European leader in the development of Social Dating Websites.

1 November, 2010 - 1 December, 2013

pH7 Social Dating CMS


I started a Social Dating Site builder 100% open source and free because I realized there was nothing good on the market. pH7 Social Dating CMS is written in OOP and based on MVC architecture. I started the project when I was still studying and I wanted to do everything by myself. Based on its own homemade framework (pH7Framework) and its template engine pH7TPL, it has also it's own JS/CSS compilation with custom variables. Build to be secure and easy to moderate (as I know how difficult it is to manage and moderate a social site and how many time we can waste if we don't use spam protection). It has several anti-spam protection, duplication content checker. pH7CMS is available on several download platforms such as Sourceforge, CNET, GitHub, ... and also on Softaculous.

15 February, 2014 - PRESENT

pH7CMS's Blog


Blog explaining how to build a online dating business from scratch with lots of tips.

31 October, 2009 - PRESENT



New Tech & Online Marketing/Business articles (French blog).

1 November, 2010 - PRESENT



pH7Framework is a powerful PHP 5.6+ framework with a lot of different useful packages (originally made for pH7CMS) that "can" be used separately.

12 October, 2012 - 22 December, 2012


PenTestMag & PHPSolutions magazines

I wrote some articles for the French PHP Solutions Magazine (the magazine doesn't exist anymore unfortunately) and wrote a few for the English one "PenTestMag".
Below are some examples:

8 August, 2017 - 31 August, 2017

Full-Stack Developer


MyDreamLife is a side project. I created it to give a TODO-list and Itinerary for a new (exciting) life. It is designed for European people from 18 to 30 (mainly from Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy) who want to move and try a new life abroad but don't know the process to do it.

The artificial intelligence of the app will give them, ste-by-step, the whole map for starting their dream life & doing it!

Web App Source Code: https://github.com/pH-7/MyDreamLife.eu

1 November, 2017 - 30 November, 2017

Full-Stack Developer


Link2Payment is a side project. I did it when I was on holidays. It allows anyone to get paid anywhere from anyone with their Stripe account.
Thanks Link2Payment, you don't need a website, you don't need an SSL certificate, you can literally be paid from anywhere (even by just putting your unique payment link on a paper book) while taking all advantages of Stripe service.

App Source Code: https://github.com/pH-7/Link2Payment

1 July, 2012 - 1 September, 2012

C++ Programmer

GoYa - Programming Language

GoYa Programming Language is a simple but powerful programming language easy and accessible for anyone. GoYa Lang was my first programming language I built with a C++ interpreter.

3 January, 2018 - PRESENT

Product Owner, Developer, Founder 🍍

Lifyzer Healthy Food

Lifyzer Healthy Food Solution™ gives instantly the score of any food or items you want to eat or purchase thanks OCR and barcode scanner technologies. It is another side project I'm working on.
Currently only available on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lifyzer (should be soon on iOS...)
Github: https://github.com/Lifyzer

17 September, 2018 - PRESENT

Symfony Developer


  • Developing modern PHP Web applications using Symfony 3/4
  • Maintaining existing Symfony3 applications and various frontend projects.
  • Creating and maintaining websites built with Drupal 8 CMS.


PHP 5/7+ 10/10
Java 8/10
C++ 6/10
CSS 3/HTML5 10/10
JavaScript 9/10
Node.js 8/10
Python 7/10
C 5/10
Web Marketing 8/10
MySQL 8/10
Apache 7/10
Nginx 5/10
Growth Hacking 7/10
Swift 6/10
Meteor.js 6/10
TDD/BDD 9/10
Unit Tests/Acceptance Tests 9/10
Agile Methodologies 8/10
Django 7/10
Angular 2+ 4/10
PostgreSQL 6/10
Android 6/10
React Native 5/10
Ionic 3/10
Flask 6/10
Symfony 2/3 7/10
Slim 3 8/10
Java EE (and JSP, EL, JSTL, ...) 6/10
SCSS (SASS V3) 7/10
Copywriting 5/10
Unreal Engine 4 (with C++) 4/10
SEO & Mobile Apps SEO 8/10