Pierre-Henry Soria

Pierre-Henry Soria

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13 July, 2015 - PRESENT

Software Engineer

Distilled SCH

Distilled SCH is the largest Irish online marketplaces.
Working on the brand new mobile web app using PHP 7.1 features & Slim3 framework. I’m also working with the RESTful APIs, with Elasticsearch, SparkPost, Docker and on security vulnerabilities. Hight-quality code, high test coverage and SOLID principles are the main goals.

I'm also working on the ongoing issues with the company's websites and refactoring legacy code (frontend + backend). We work on Agile methods such as sprints, backlogs, scrums and we are using Kanban board with JIRA.

10 December, 2013 - 31 July, 2017

Senior Developer & CEO

HiZup, Ltd

HiZup is a small but powerful IT company based in the UK. Specialists in the development of large Dating Websites/Web apps and Social Networking services for companies/startups and maintaining existing PHP social dating websites. Specializing in SEO, development of CMS, Online Social/Dating Services next generation and Marketing Strategies of Online Dating Businesses.

10 December, 2013 - 11 July, 2015

Full Stack Developer

HiZup, Ltd

Working for clients in different small and medium projects. To summarize it was: creation of plugins, upgrade PHP website from version from 4 to 5 (OOP included), creation of Web templates, make different modifications and add features for a few clients' websites, ... Also did some Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and Dolphin (BoonEx) plugins/templates.

1 February, 2012 - PRESENT

Solo Web Developer for pH7CMS's Software


Since 2012, pH7CMS is available for everyone and became a professional, fiable and stable site builder tool. pH7CMS is free and Open Source Social/Dating Site/App Builder and has rapidly become the European leader in the development of Social Dating Websites.

1 November, 2010 - 1 December, 2013

pH7 Social Dating CMS


I started a Social Dating Site builder 100% open source and free because I realized there was nothing good on the market. pH7 Social Dating CMS is written in OOP and based on MVC architecture. I started the project when I was still studying and I wanted to do everything by myself. Based on its own homemade framework (pH7Framework) and its template engine pH7TPL, it has also it's own JS/CSS compilation with custom variables. Build to be secure and easy to moderate (as I know how difficult it is to manage and moderate a social site and how many time we can waste if we don't use spam protection). It has several anti-spam protection, duplication content checker. pH7CMS is available on several download platforms such as Sourceforge, CNET, GitHub, ... and also on Softaculous.

15 February, 2014 - PRESENT

pH7CMS's Blog


Blog explaining how to build a online dating business from scratch with lots of tips.

31 October, 2009 - PRESENT



New Tech & Online Marketing/Business articles (French blog).

1 November, 2010 - PRESENT



pH7Framework is a powerful PHP 5.6+ framework with a lot of different useful packages (originally made for pH7CMS) that "can" be used separately.

12 October, 2012 - 22 December, 2012


PenTestMag & PHPSolutions magazines

I wrote some articles for the French PHP Solutions Magazine (the magazine doesn't exist anymore unfortunately) and wrote a few for the English one "PenTestMag". Below are some examples:

8 August, 2017 - 31 August, 2017

Full-Stack Developer


MyDreamLife is a side project. I created it to give a TODO-list and Itinerary for a new (exciting) life. It is designed for European people from 18 to 30 (mainly from Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy) who want to move and try a new life abroad but don't know the process to do it. The artificial intelligence of the app will give them, ste-by-step, the whole map for starting their dream life & doing it! Web App Source Code: https://github.com/pH-7/MyDreamLife.eu

1 November, 2017 - 30 November, 2017

Full-Stack Developer


Link2Payment is a side project. I did it when I was on holidays. It allows anyone to get paid anywhere from anyone with their Stripe account. Thanks Link2Payment, you don't need a website, you don't need a SSL certificate, you can literally be paid from anywhere (even by just putting your unique payment link on a paper book) while taking all advantages of Stripe service. App Source Code: https://github.com/pH-7/Link2Payment

1 July, 2012 - 1 September, 2012

C++ Programmer

GoYa - Programming Language

GoYa Programming Language is a simple but powerful programming language easy and accessible for anyone. GoYa Lang was my first programming language I built with a C++ interpreter.


PHP 5/7+ 10/10
Java 8/10
C++ 6/10
CSS 3/HTML5 10/10
JavaScript 9/10
Node.js 8/10
Python 7/10
C 5/10
Web Marketing 8/10
MySQL 8/10
Apache 7/10
Nginx 5/10
Growth Hacking 7/10
Swift 6/10
Meteor.js 6/10
TDD/BDD 9/10
Unit Tests/Acceptance Tests 9/10
Agile Methodologies 8/10
Django 7/10
Angular 2+ 4/10
PostgreSQL 6/10
Android 6/10
React Native 5/10
Ionic 3/10
Flask 6/10
Symfony 2/3 7/10
Slim 3 8/10
Java EE (and JSP, EL, JSTL, ...) 6/10
SCSS (SASS V3) 7/10
Copywriting 5/10
Unreal Engine 4 (with C++) 4/10
SEO & Mobile Apps SEO 8/10