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Passionate Software Engineer

Pierre-Henry Soria, versatile software engineer. Love programming and developing new skills on a daily basis 👨‍🏭


Symfony Developer 🐘
2018 / 2019

• Developed modern PHP Web applications and APIs using Symfony 3/4 and with PHP 7+ features.

• Maintained existing Symfony3 applications and frontend projects.

• Created and maintained websites built with Drupal 8 CMS.

Product Owner / Developer / Founder
2018 / 2019

Built social-food mobile apps that aim for transparency by allowing users to rate and leave opinions on any food items. Thanks to OCR/barcode, it instantly gives a health score and useful details.
The backend runs on a homemade REST API built on top of PHP 7+ and a MySQL database.
The project's mindset is to be 100% transparent and open source.

Software Engineer, at Daft.ie (Distilled SCH) 🇮🇪
2015 / 2018

• Worked on the brand new mobile web app using PHP 7.1 features, with Slim3 framework, Twig2, SASS, Susy, gulp, grunt.

• Worked with the RESTful APIs, security vulnerabilities, Elasticsearch, SparkPost, RabbitMQ, and Docker/Vagrant.

• Worked on upgrading the old legacy website's platform from PHP 5.3 to 7+

• Worked with various Symfony components & Doctrine2

• Hight-quality code, high test coverage, TDD/BDD and SOLID principles were the main goals.

Full-Stack Engineer, at pH7Builder (formerly pH7CMS)
2015 / 2020

Working on an open-source "Social Community Builder" project during my spare time 😊

• Assist users with technical support inquiries via GitHub Issues (and emails, etc).
• Lead the project, manage user issues/feedback, implement the new features/modules, and keep the product roadmap up-to-date.

Senior Developer, at HiZup, Ltd
2013 / 2017

Worked on implementing new features, improving and maintaining my commercial Web software such as pH7CMSPro, pH2Date, and pH4Social.

Giving commercial technical support.

Marketing strategies, branding, SEO, growth hacking, ...

Created and maintained a hosted SaaS service for my pH7CMS Pro software (was doing technical customer support as well).

Full Stack Developer, at HiZup, Ltd
2013 / 2015

Worked for clients on different small and medium projects. To summarize, it was: the creation of plugins, upgrade PHP website from version from 4 to 5 (OOP included), creation of Web templates, make different modifications and add new features for a few clients' websites.
Did consulting in the evenings to assist my clients with their new websites. Helped them with some technical parts such as Apache server and cPanel issues.

Writer/Teacher, at PenTestMag & PHPSolutions magazines
2012 / 2012

PenTestMag & PHPSolutions magazines
I wrote some articles for the French PHP Solutions Magazine (the magazine doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately) and wrote a few for the English one "PenTestMag".

Example -> https://01script.com/static/gifts/books/Barre-de-Progression-avec-PHP5.4.pdf

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I'm Pierre-Henry. A cool Software Engineer 😊 I created pH7CMS a while ago and also work on some other exciting open source projects.
I love programming and developing new skills with pro-activity, rigorously and methodically.
Passion for writing secure, testable and scalable applications with clean and maintainable code.
High test coverage (TDD/BDD as well!) are very important to me. Enjoy solving problems and fixing (complex) issues/bugs.
Always want to do my best with best practices and Clean Code! Love also the business world, growth hacking, Web Marketing (but not the old-school one!) and Psychology!
Always thirsty to learn and undertake new exciting things and thrilling challenges.
Extremely passionate and motivated in what I'm doing.
I always want to push a lot of energy, determination, focus and knowledge from myself in order to accomplish as best as I can a new project or mission from scratch 🚀
I like productivity too such as 80/20 rule and Parkinson's law in order to do more, faster and always better.
Open-minded, team player and honest, always want to share knowledge and help others.
Want to see some of my open source software/projects I did (with lots of love):
- https://github.com/pH-7
- https://github.com/pH7Software/
Everyday-learning, coding, eating fruits and doing sport are my fuel to keep myself happy and great. And I can speak for the whole night about programming and IT, for anyone who wishes :)}

  • Name Pierre-Henry Soria
  • Location Adelaide ☀️, Australia 🇦🇺

Contact Me

Feel free to reach me! I will be pleased to talk with you! 😊