Pierre-Henry Soria

Pierre-Henry Soria


About Me

Passionate Software Engineer 🎉 An Agile S.O.L.I.D. Clean Coder 🤖 &Code Smells Fighter 🥊

Hi all! 😊

I’m Pierre-Henry. A cool Software Engineer. I created pH7CMS a while ago and also work on some other exciting open source projects.

I love programming and developing new skills with pro-activity, rigorously and methodically.

Passion for writing secure applications with clean and maintainable code.
High test coverage (TDD/BDD as well!) are also VERY important to me. Like solving problems and fixing (complex) issues/bugs too!

Always want to do my best with best practices and Clean Code! Love also the business world, growth hacking, Web Marketing (but not the old-school one!) and Psychology!

Always thirsty to learn and undertake new exciting things and thrilling challenges.

Extremely passionate and motivated in what I’m doing. I like productivity too such as 80/20 rule and Parkinson’s law in order to do more, faster and always better.
Open-minded, team player and honest, always want to share knowledge and help the others.

Want to see some of my open source software/projects I did (with lots of love):


Everyday-learning, coding, eating fruits and doing sport are my fuel to keep myself happy and great.


🧠.Never. Stop. Learning.💡


« I can speak for the whole night about programming and IT, for anyone who wishes 🙂 »